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Training / Course in Liquor Licensing - Online

Management of Licensed Premises 52735WA/MLPLCA401A

The Management of Licensed Premises (52735WA/MLPLCA401A) has been developed to assist West Australian Licensees, and Managers of Licensed premises, in demonstrating their compliance with the mandatory knowledge requirements as specified by the Liquor Control Act 1988. Successful completion of these training courses will provide sufficient evidence of mandatory training for you to apply for an Unrestricted Approved Manager ID card which needs to be applied from the office of Racing Gaming and Liquor (

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Complete your training through our online training portal, Hospitality Alliance Training and enjoy the convenience and ease of self-paced learning.

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Face to face
For those who enjoy learning in a classroom environment, training on our premises is available at the following prices:

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  • $250 per person for the general public. 
Please contact us on 1300 640 616 for our training schedule or, if you have 10 or more people to be trained we can arrange for a site visit by our trainer.

Self-paced assessment submissions

  • $200 per person for Clubs WA member clubs, and
  • $250 per person for the general public.

Clubs WA can email you our MLPLCA401A Learner Guide and Assessment Booklet so you can do your training at your convenience anytime, anywhere! Complete the Assessment Booklet and return it to us with payment. Turnaround time on issuing the certificates will vary depending on when payment is received.