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Board Directors and Committee Members Code of Conduct

A code of conduct outlines the expected behaviour of a club committee members and board of directors. The code of conduct is useful for both new and current committee members and is a valuable framework for reinforcing what is expected of committee members both during and outside of meetings.

Your club's code will set a standar of behaviour that will help build your club's culture, reinforce your governance style, and make it easier to handle code breaches if they were to arise. 


  • Establish the code of conduct - you can contact Clubs WA for assistance in creating/updating your club's code
  • Ensure the committee agrees on procedures for handling a breach of the Code and establish who will enforce the Code
  • Make sure to ask all committee members to sign the agreed code of conduct

Conduct inclusions

  • Outline your club's values that you expect committee members to uphold
  • Outline your compliance requirements that committee members are expected to abide by
  • Your club's governance style and relationship with management
  • A commitment to champion your club's mission and visions
  • Address managing conflicts of interests
  • Risk management and accountability
  • Outline what the club expects from committee members in meetings (e.g. prepartion, engage in discussion, particpiate in decision making)
  • Outline expected employee and member relations expectations
  • Confidentiality
  • Procedures around gifts and gratuities
  • Procedure for leaving the committee
  • End the code of conduct with a 'Declaration of Acceptance' and ask all committee members to read, understand and sign the document